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My dog every summer she starts shedding and her skin becomes raw, and red, and she will literally itch constantly. I'm not a vet but it looks like the red mange to me from the pictures I've see on the internet if not she has one crazy skin condition that mimics it.

she generally loses all the hair on her tail, patches of her hair fall out and she is left with a lot of grey and red sores. My mom uses the selsun blue with the 1% selenium sulfide and the itching stops, the sores heel and all her pretty hair grows back, she loves to have her long hair brushed.

I believe she bathed her with it every other day, I'm not sure if the dog had the mange or not, but again it looked like the mange to me, if you're dog has the mange you could try the selsun blue and see if it works, my advice is if you try it don't try the cheaper knock off brands go with the actual brand name.

you should notice a vast improvement in 2 weeks if it's going to work.

I do know that selsun blue does kill fungus at the very least, I had a fungal infection called 'tinea versicolor' on my back that I could not kill with anti fungal pills and creams that selsun blue killed. However mange is not caused by a fungus but a mite from what I understand. some one might could give the selsun blue a run through and see if it helps their dogs with mange

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Important to note that there are a variety of neem preparations, some, like for garden insects, would be bad for mammals. Some are made for mammals. It's been used widely for humans for thousands of years. Google 'neem dog' and see what comes up. I buy organic neem oil from and mix it (only a few drops per 8 oz) into conditioner for my dog when I need to treat fleas. I'm trying it as part of the mange remedy, which hasn't yet yielded results, but it's only been two weeks and his symptom was flakiness and hair loss, not even much itching, so no sores to heal up faster. I mix it into coconut oil and water with some vinegar in it to leave on between shampoos.


Dogs' pH is different from humans. Active ingredient in Selsun Blue - Selenium Sulfide - is also available in dog shampoos. Google 'dog shampoo selenium sulfide' or try ebay and amazon searches.

Mangey Doglover


Mix flower of sulfur into vaseline until you have a light yellow oinment and rub this on clean infected areas. You can also put a teaspoon of sulfur over your small dog's food daily or a tablespoon if a big dog. This helps to kill the mites and get rid of them.

Flower of sulfur is good for all skin conditions in dogs.

Hope it helps.

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