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My dog every summer she starts shedding and her skin becomes raw, and red, and she will literally itch constantly. I'm not a vet but it looks like the red mange to me from the pictures I've see on the internet if not she has one crazy skin condition that mimics it.

she generally loses all the hair on her tail, patches of her hair fall out and she is left with a lot of grey and red sores. My mom uses the selsun blue with the 1% selenium sulfide and the itching stops, the sores heel and all her pretty hair grows back, she loves to have her long hair brushed.

I believe she bathed her with it every other day, I'm not sure if the dog had the mange or not, but again it looked like the mange to me, if you're dog has the mange you could try the selsun blue and see if it works, my advice is if you try it don't try the cheaper knock off brands go with the actual brand name.

you should notice a vast improvement in 2 weeks if it's going to work.

I do know that selsun blue does kill fungus at the very least, I had a fungal infection called 'tinea versicolor' on my back that I could not kill with anti fungal pills and creams that selsun blue killed. However mange is not caused by a fungus but a mite from what I understand. some one might could give the selsun blue a run through and see if it helps their dogs with mange

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Hi I would like to know if the selsun blue you mention is it the shampoo or what is it? im realy interested on giving it a try but I just want to know what it is in order to get it my pup got mange from another dog and I need something that can cure it
Thanks again for your advice & help.


Since its just in the summer its probably just allergies so try benadryl or claratin something along that line thats my opinion check with your vet but im pretty sure thats shat it is and that should work


Will the neem oil hurt the dog if they lick it?


You're out of your mind! DO NOT put neem oil on your pets!! That is, unless, you're trying to kill them. Idiot.


Neem oil is not toxic if used in a 1:8 ratio with a delivery oil such as almond oil coconut oil or sesame not put straight neem oil on your dog as this is toxic at high is very effective in killing the eggs of the mites and causing the adult mites to act funny making them sterile(won't lay eggs) and quit burrowing and biting your dog...using a peroxide rinse before hand allows hair follicles to open up and allow the oil to reach the adult mites deep in the layers of skin....only use this when increasing the dogs immunity with supplements 2x per day such as salmon oil...kelp help...coconut oil and colloidal silver plus probiotics...use oil mixture 2x per day and bath dog every 3 days for the first week making sure to coat with oil ASAP after so that skin does not dry will see hair starting to come back within the week...second week apply oil 1x per day and bath every 5 days...3rd week... continue with oil 1x per day and bath every 5 days. ..4th week oil every 2 days and bath as needed every 10 days or this time the coat should be looking great...continue with oil 2x per week for the next month even though the dog looks great so as to get rid of any mites still living on him/her...they are microscopic and may still be there even if the dog has their full coat back...neem oil is helpful and non toxic if used carefully....The last post calling people idiots for using it was made by someone who doesn't know how...Please use your own judgment and check with a naturopathic vet before use of neem oil...some dogs will tolerate it better than others as with any treatment. Thankyou


Where can I find been oil?


Where can I find neem oil?


How did you wash your dog? Like a regular shampoo ? I know you didn't use the whole bottle so how much would you use at a time ?


WOW, I've neem tree at my home and it's this helpful. I shall bring it in my use. Thanks to you and your very insightful blog. Click to get information about neem products.


We tried the selling blue and it seems to stop the itching. Also read that blue star ointment (walmart pharmacy) was good. We have been doing both shampoo and ointment for a week and pups hair is growing back and no new spots.

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