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Lindo Williams

This is literally one of the worst pain torturing weekends I've ever had. It's not my first time being bother by my wisdom tooth, it cracked up and got a hole like 3 or 5 years ago and it started acting up in 2012 when I had my other wisdom tooth removed on my right bottom jaw, btw this on is one the left bottom... Now here's the sad part, right now as I'm writing this I'm in bed just right after I've tried the warm. Salty water, disprin(aspirin), Grandpa(aspiring), acupressure, clove oil remedies and none of them seem to work, I even pray and I really hope it will fade away, and also I'm planning to see a dentist soon. It's Monday morning 3:45am and I'm about to wake up for school in like 1hr... My stomach and ear are burning and I feel this pulling excruciating pain on my ear. Please help

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Take 2 paracetamols and it helps alot.


my tooth has a whole in it and it really hurts, ive tried orajel, warm salt water, 2 ibuprofins, and they didnt work, my tooth makes my ear hurt. anyone know what i should do?


Mines like that to how did u get rid of it

Swedish Remedy

So I cracked my molar on the right top side about 4 months sent me away saying that it should hold out for a while....???? go figure. Anyway, tonight is new years eve and my head feels like a big aching pumpkin. Tried brushing all afternoon with Sensodyne toothpaste, but only minimal relief. Toot a Panadiene Forte for strong pain...but the excruciating aching persistrd...Then took the advice of an earlier post and took a mouthful of Absolute Vodka....Holding and swishing it around the offending tooth for about 40 second....Geez does that hurt. But my pain sibsided very quickly...and the throbbing has virtually stopped all together. Needless to say, I wont be partying tonight....but shall put myself to bed with my Absolute Vodka on the night stand just in case.

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