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I haven't cleaned my ears out with cue tips in prob 2 years. Well 2 days ago I was in my friends bathroom and she has them sitting on the counter. So I used them and low and behold pushed wax further into my ear. I kept digging for the past 2 days to get it out and just kept getting worse. Then it started hurting and was really on the verge of going to the doctor. I typed something into Google and this was the first website I came to. I took some warm Olive oil put about 5 drops or so in my ear while laying on the couch with clogged ear up. I waited about 20 minutes then flushed it with a syringe of warm water. I probably used 8 to 10 ounces warm water and out came the chunk that was pressing against my ear drum. Thank you internet you just saved me a couple hundred dollars not going to the doctor. It really works!!!

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Warmed the olive oil a little in a syringe then filled each each with warm olive oil. waited 5 mins then repeatedly flushed out with warm saline in a syringe over the basin. Gently loosened each ear with a Q tip not going to deep. A surprisingly large size ball fell out of each each. yuk! but brilliant.

warm canola oil,very good soak,20-25min. then,with a 'bobby pin',and pulled out the biggest piece of wax I've ever seen..WOW Fantastic---I can hear thnx

margaret Cox

So Is It Just Olive Oil Or Extra ! Olive Does It Matter Witch One


I tried this and it worked for me. Thank you so much. I will cancel my doctor appointment. God bless all.


Tried this (was disgusted by what was removed) but it worked! Thank you to all you random people that use the internet!


Does it have to be olive oil or can it be any oil


Actually from what I have heard, you should NOT use a biologically based oil (e.g. Vegetable based oils), but rather use mineral oil, which can be bought at any pharmacy.

The basic principal is that it's noot good to put foodstuff in the our ears. Mineral oil works and won't foster an unintended infection.


Oh, and by the way, there is an expression:

'Don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear'. This basically means don't put anything in you ear at all, no Qtips, no sticks, etc. you can do serious damage to your eardrum by doing this, and trying to use Qtips usually just packs the wax onto the surface, compounding the problem of it not moving out.

Soften with oil, then flush out with a proper ear syringe. I picked up a large volume syringe on Amazon like my ear doctor uses for about $10 - the little bulb syringes available in pharmacies I found to be useless.

When using the syringe, volume is good, but keep it gentle - don't use painful force. If it's not coming out, it needs more softening with oil, to much pressure can do damage too.


Will canola oil work?

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