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I have had congestion in my left ear for almost 3 weeks. Worse this morning to point of hearing loss. Tried the peroxide, didn't do much; what has helped now I put some Vick's Vapor rub on outside of canal with Q-tip not to push too far in, then placed hot, damp bath cloth on ear re-heating it in between. Then got a Hall's cough drop to suck on while holding cloth on ear. so far it's better, some clearing. I still need to see my ENT doctor to rule anything out since I have history of sinus issues.

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Did you know the Earadicator remedy for clogged ears works great too?


I woke up this morning and my left ear felt like it was clogged. I've been reading on the Internet and this is common. I clean my ears with Q tips and I'm sure that's the reason, I've also read that home remedies prove useful In trying to unclog my ear. But then I read somewhere else that it's bad to drop the liquids like peroxide in your ear. I don't know what to do! Someone help.


This actually worked thanks

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