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IF YOU WANT STRETCHMARKS GONE READ. First of all i was really skinny when i was about 15 and i hated it so much that i found all possible ways to gain as much weight as i could. i blew up from 110 pounds to 125. That gave me a lot of stretchmarks on my boobs, butt and the back of my legs. i didn't know what stretchmarks were let alone that i would get them because of weight gain. Anyways, am now 19 and i have found a way to remove them. It is really painful by the way, thus i have only removed the ones on my boobs. Yes get that dermaroller. What i did was roll really had on my boobs with a 3 mm dermaroller every 3 days to cause bleeding for two weeks. i did this to completely injure the skin. This is very important for the next step.
At the end of the two weeks, my skin looked bruised but that is probably because am black and my skin easily turns dark, but any ways,i gave my skin a rest for 7 days.
Next step i put lactic acid on my skin. i used the 88 percent and coated the acid with lotion and wrapped my skin with plastic wrap with the acid/lotion on my skin. Yes it burns...i just added more lotion on my boobs until the burning subsidized. I did not rinse it off until the next day.
Am telling you my skin peeled lot and i mean peeled after two days, and then after three days and then i peeled again after four days. I wont lie i was scared but fortunately it healed. It took just about three weeks to heal completely. And the stretchmarks were gone...Not all of them of course but most of them. And even until now, i still see improvement. The indention is 90% gone. And i only did this once. Am pumping my self up to do it again but it is summer and i need to swim everyday. Anyways, i also bought cortisone cream for the itching, its a must and a lightening cream to remove pigmentation that the peel will or might cause. I started using the bleach cream on my boobs two weeks after chemical peel/stopped peeling and i stopped after three weeks of use cause my skin had healed completely. i know most people will tell you to dermaroll for years in order to see results but i don't believe that the dermaroller will remove or even improve your stretchmarks.
in my opinion, since a stretch mark is basically missing skin, you cannot remove it in the first place, you need to level all of your
skin, meaning, you can not dermaroll in hope that a new dermis will grow but you can dermaroll to destroy the normal skin between the stretchmarks and then peel it off. This will then make
the skin leveled. After doing this multiply times, the healthy/ the skin between stretchmarks will thin out too and become leveled with the stretched skin. thus eliminating the indents in the skin. Well it makes sense to me..... i have tried almost everything, from Shea butter, coconut oil, dry brushing, medical crystals, message brush,castor oil, crying, all they did was lighten the stretchmarks. For my legs and my butt, i have been dermarolling for about a month without the chemical peel in order to weaken the skin. i dermaroll once a week without bleeding. I will do this for a couple of more months until summer is over so i can use the method i described above and to also prove that dermarolling doesn't create a new dermal layer.
If you try the method above, you need to be very strong cause it hurts. if it doesn't hurt, then you didn't harm your skin enough. Remember the formation of stretchmarks is very stressful to the skin hence the itching, to repair the damaged skin, you need a lot of stress too. Coco butter will not and i repeat, it will not fill in missing skin. nothing will. The focus should be on removing the healthy skin in between two stretchmarks that way, the overall skin is on the same level.
By the way, this worked for me and am not a doctor so these are words of a nineteen year old who has been robbed of wearing shorts in the summer because of those dammmm stretchmarks. i only wish my mama or sister told me that i would get these ugly marks. Stretchmarks should be part of the sex talk by the way....

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O.m.g! This might lead to breast cancer...please be very careful girl!


U are one crazy bi*ch

Grace Mana



You are 100% on the money. This is exactly what should be done to really get results. Those that complain of pain can go try laser or live with scars for the rest of their life. Thank you for your post :)

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