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I was so happy when my skin tag fell off this morning.
A little background as to why my skin tag took so long to fall off was probably because the doctor that I went to see first thought it was piles (hemorrhoids),and yes they did examine me. I put the prescribed medication on it but it wouldn't decrease in size. So I went to another doctor who finally told me that it was the skin tag that made my bum hole so inflamed. She suggested that the hospital could snip it off, but I knew that mill was going to be miles down the road. So I found this remedy site.

I was so skeptical about the floss remedy because of the pain everyone talked about and the embarrassing trip to the hospital, but that wasn't the case. It did hurt like crazy during the first two weeks that the floss was tied up back there,But later I would forget it was tied up until I use the restroom. It did swell up to the size of a dime, then sitting became horribly hard to do. Then again, I did have some moments where the floss got accidentally tugged while washing up in that area(I cut the floss as best to my ability /w full length mirror). In addition to washing up with soap and water, I used 70% ethanol alcohol in the shower(Beware of cuts when using floss). After, I would clean the area with Hydrogen Peroxide, because of the cuts from tugging. I was going to try the hairband method this morning, I was stretching my legs in the air then felt a tiny snip. Didn't hurt though. It just fell off but it didn't become this tiny little black thing like most people said on here. It was about 2mm smaller that the dime size it was before but it did turn dark. It was excruciating these last couple of weeks but it's done now. It comes cheaper with a lot of pain. Take care of it and make sure to use antiseptic HP and cotton balls to clean the area.

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