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I've had bad cold sores since I got really sick in high school. My entire mouth broke out in fever blisters and cold sores and ever since then I'll get a cold sore when I'm really stressed out or around my menstrual period.

I've tried everything it seems like. My doctor prescribed me Zovirax because they were getting so bad. Though as much as I would like it to be, Zovirax isn't a magical cure that'll make my cold sores disappear.

Things that help me:
I take Lysine before it comes, during, and after it goes away. It helps shorten the time and prevents from more popping up. Get it at the drug store for really cheap.
Recently I've tried Hydrogen Peroxide and although it looks like it's making it worse, it slowly helps it dry out and start to heal.
I also tried NON ACETONE nail polish remover after hearing good things about it. It also helps dry it out.
Ice helps the swelling and the redness too.

The combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and nail polish remover and then applying my zovirax actually made a significant improvement on how it looks.

Good luck out there.

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