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I have suffered extensive pain for 20 years with my teeth and have tried lots of things, including pulling teeth at home.

1) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL YOUR TEETH AT HOME! Obvious really, but it will hurt lots and you run the risk of infection in your jawbone. Not pleasant.

2) Holding cold water on the tooth will certainly relieve the pain for a short time. The problem is the times will get progressively shorter, until you have to have a mouthful of cold water constantly. When you stop using the cold water the pain will return and will usually be much worse. The only way to stop using the cold water when you start is basically when you pass out through exhaustion after probably 2-3 days. However....

3) If you don't have any at home you can use the above method until you can get ORAJEL. This is sold over the counter in 10% and behind the counter n pharmacies as 20% gel. The 20% refers to Benzocaine which is the active ingredient. I was skeptical about this when it was recommended to me and I suffered for longer as a result. When I tried it I was annoyed I hadn't got hold of it sooner!

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