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Jock itch. Scourge of the human body! I had it. Got rid of it using tea tree oil and now I have it AGAIN. I hate it and I want to get rid of it NOW. I found some really good suggestions here. Sulfur. Think I will try that first.
I beleieve I keep reinfecting myself though. I am almost sure I do it from the shower stall floor. When I shower, I believe I wash off much of the bacteria some of which remain on the shower floor. When I leave the shower stall, I carry some of the bacteria on my feet.
Then I get dressed, put on my underwear, some of the bacteria which are still on my feet gets rubbed off onto the underwear. There. I reinfected myself.
Here is my solution against reinfection.
Slip on a clean pair of socks before stepping into my underwear and pants.
What good is it to try to fight jock itch and not take the precautions to not reinfect myself. Also, it is a good idea to disinfect the shower stall floor before and after leaving the shower.

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I have a cure for jock itch, or at least stop the terrible itching. My wife buys coconut oil in a small round glass container. Get a cottonball and dab it in the jar of coconut oil, then moist your genital area with it. Use 1 cottonball, throw it away, use another, etc until area is covered. DO NOT use the same cottonball inside the jar or you will contaminate the jar!


Ive had jock itch for almost a year. I used tea tree oil for a while and it kept burning a layer of skin off leaving it raw so I didn't know if I was cured. Then I found TEA TREE CREAM, which is purpose made for applying to skin and cheap too, I rub into infected area 3-4 times a day it's soothing not burny. Four days later jock itch is completely gone!!!! And because it's soothing and so easy to use I'm going to keep applying it even though the jock itch is gone. Spread the word!!!

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