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Okay so i have had bv AND yeast infections for like 3 years now they happen once a month and there is NOTHING that fixes it I have seen my Dr every time i get them the put me on antibiotics then done. the past 3 times i have been on antibiotic they haven't worked. I have bv right now and have had it for a whole MONTH. my bf and I are 21 so sex is a really good thing to us but we can't 'Do it' cause it hurt and it looks horrible. Please please please help me some one...

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Me too dude. I'm so frustrated. And so is he.


Get Vitamin C with Rose Hips capsules from Walgreens. Should cost like $5. These are hard, white pills. Not softgels. Insert one in your vagina at bedtime. It may burn, but that is normal. Should be gone by morning. May take 3 nights if it's bad or recurring. And make sure you get some hypoallergenic, non-fragranced wet wipes. Keep them in your purse, in your bathroom, wherever. Use them to wipe when you go the bathroom, always front to back. Pat with unscented toilet paper to make sure you're dry before pulling your panties back up. Hope that helps.


I've had this BV crap for seven years. Reason I had it so long is because I have avoided the doctor because I have a muscle disorder called vaginimus. Its where I unable to insert tampons, suppositories or even have intercourse. I have went to the doctor this past year who put me on antibiotics but it never did anything so I this is what has helped me more than anything else.

Take Goldenseal root capsules twice a day for a week. This kills only the bad bacteria and fungi( if you have a yeast infection too)
Take Folic acid once a day everyday to boost your immune system to fight off bad bacteria.
Take a probotic called Ultimate Flora 50 Billion count by mouth once a day, everyday. (I also would crack open the capsule and pour the powder in my vagina. This puts the good bacteria in you. Also make sure you buy it cold at a vitamin store and put it in the fridge first thing. It has to stay cold to keep the bacteria alive or it will not work as good... :(

So far I seem to be system free. I'm waiting for my period to come to see if my systems come back.

I hasn't been a easy road for me since I can't hardly use any medication vaginally but hopefully this will work for you and me. Also I am getting help now for the muscle condition I have. :)

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