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Like the rest of everyone I continually suffer from BV and nothing seems to destroy this irritating problem. Now my post isn't a remedy, but a question.

Last night I pricked a clove of garlic and slept over night with it in me. When I woke up I noticed something.... I had a slight garlic taste in my mouth. Now i know garlic is always extracted through your pores, but i didn't smell. I know that doctors do not know the root cause of BV, but has anyone associated BV with bacteria in the mouth? I read somewhere once that BV can be associated with teeth infections and I suffer from tonsil stones constantly.

Does anyone else here suffer from any problems with their mouths?

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I suffer from post-nasal drip which is one of the causes of bad breath. Post-nasal drips into your stomach upsetting the flora and disturbing the ph in the gut which in the same way, would affect ph in vaginal tract. I am taking homeopathic tablets by Natura called Sinfrontal that subdues the drip and then hydrogen peroxide drops for gut support. No difference to BV yet but this has only been day 3.

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