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Like the rest of everyone I continually suffer from BV and nothing seems to destroy this irritating problem. Now my post isn't a remedy, but a question.

Last night I pricked a clove of garlic and slept over night with it in me. When I woke up I noticed something.... I had a slight garlic taste in my mouth. Now i know garlic is always extracted through your pores, but i didn't smell. I know that doctors do not know the root cause of BV, but has anyone associated BV with bacteria in the mouth? I read somewhere once that BV can be associated with teeth infections and I suffer from tonsil stones constantly.

Does anyone else here suffer from any problems with their mouths?

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I have noticed that my tongue has a whitish coating on it and I associate it with BV. Once I started taking probiotics and other supplements to help eliminate/reduce BV, I have noticed that the whitish substance on my tongue is now 75% gone.


I get canker sores in my mouth and BV regularly, but I hadn't thought about any connection so I don't know if they peak at the same time for me.


I also suffer with the white coating on my tongue. I think are defiantly on to something. Bacteria from the month excreted from the vagina...the easiest place on our bodies to unbalance.


On that thought, would bacteria from another persons mouth and tongue cause flare ups?
I have never had BV before but now that I have it, it is a hard one to stop, I'm working on it daily. When the odor clears up I feel proud of myself for taking care of it but then..
it's always bad after sex and my partner likes to lick. Could it be coming from his mouth? Just wondering now that I read this about the mouth and tongue.


I have recurring tonsil stones and bv. Interesting connection, wish we knew more!


This is actually really really interesting because I just googled 'hibiclens' which was recommended by someone a few posts above yours, and it's used to treat gingivitis and other problems of the mouth and gums!!! Altho I personally have no mouth problems.....


I always had a feeling it had something to do with my mouth. I got a tooth pulled and was given antibiotics (Amoxicillin) the bv cleared up. Now my cap has fell out & guess what's im going to try the HIBICLENS!!!


Yes I have an absest tooth I always thought it wasbecause of my teeth trying the hibclin


I have been suffering from BV for the past year and a half and my teeth are awful! I have broken ones in the back and so many cavities, but I can't afford to fix them... I've never thought there was a connection, but it makes sense! Your body is all connected, so if you have an issue in one part, why wouldn't it affect another?! If I get my teeth fixed in the near future and it goes away, I'll let you know!


I believe this is true. Like another poster, I too have awful teeth. They crack and break. And I'm crazy about brushing and keeping up dental hygiene. My most recent BV flare up came when I had those really bad cuts on the corners of your mouth (angular chilitis) and this is actually a fungal infection.

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