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Yes this works!
I take two acidophilus and two garlic tablet orally per day. Usually one in the morning and one mid day. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. I use my finger and dip it in coconut oil and insert in in my vagina to coat. Then take you finger and dip in tea tree oil and insert in vagina to coat it. I have been trying to incorporate yogurt but I'm not a big yogurt fan so I eat it here and there. My vagina is now fresh and clean. Do this whenever you feel unclean or smell. Good luck ladies!

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Are you using cooking coconut oil or what? And where are you purchasing tea tree oil from? Thank you


When using the coconut oil (cooking oil?)
, how long do you wait til to you insert the tea tree oil?

can you please do a step by step
this is my second BV and i need help !!


Tea tree therapy is a company that makes tea tree oil suppositories for your V! It is basically the same- just oil and a bit of tea tree oil. I buy it online on amazon! And definitely steer clear of yogurt, the entire US medical system is misleading... Dairy is NO good! Also, I suffered from recurring BV for 6 months last year and not even my holistic doc could help UNTIL I recieved from her a little strange natural medicine from Supreme Nutrition company. It's called BFB-1. I could not stress enough how amazing this is. Basically when you 'cure' BV or yeast let's say, there remains a thin film layer of the bacteria in your body (gut I think). So that's what allows the infection to return no matter how vigorously you treat it! I promise - within three days of using this stuff (one drop behind ear and one under your left big toe) and I broke down the film layer and have never had an infection since!! and this was in December :) I hope this helps. Plz, plz consider ordering the product from supreme !!!

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