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Hi Ladies,
As a woman who suffers from Bacterial Vaginosis quite often, I would like to share a hypothesis as to why sometimes Bacterial Vaginosis wont go away even if you insert yoghurt in your vagina, (which is my all time magical cure for this totally uncomfortable infection).

Whenever I have had BV I immediately take a little syringe (with out the needle of course) fill it with yoghurt and insert into my vagina. The next day I am all good and cured from BV, (for a while) yaaaaay!!!

But recently I suffered BV for a few weeks in a row and the yoghurt trick was not working! AT ALL!!
But i kept doing the yoghurt, taking Acidophillus pills 3bilion! drank lemon juice every morning, etc.. I did it all!And it still would not go away!!

Then I went to visit my mom for a few days and every morning she gave me a spinach smoothie and after two days of this, the horrible BV was gone!!! yooohooo!

So, it might be all in your diet, of course. What my conclusion was, is that my body might have been too acidic and therefore the BV was not going away but with the drinking of SPINACH smoothies or juice it went away because it is an Alkaline food. So all I was missing was more alkaline in my diet.

So, less sugars which make you acidic and feed bacteria and therefore wont help that gross BV take a hike and more Alkaline foods!

This worked for me. Might not work for you. But why not give it a try ;)

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BV Free

Bacterial Vaginosis occurs with the vagina is to to basic PH of 6.5 to 8. I suffered from this around 35 I will tell you after listening to all the yogurt, probiotic, wiping, douching, white panties, Flagyl I came to the conclusion that the doctors are clueless until I went to whole Foods and purchased Braggs Apple Cide Vinegar with Mother. 1 TSp per 8 ounces 2 times a day for 2 weeks or until you clear your isssue uo now every other or every three days. At 43 Im BV and worry free.


How did your mother make a spinach smoothie would you happen to know how she made it?

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