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Ok so i have always had bad teeth! But recently one of my top teeth split and half of it fell out! The nerves are exposed and is almost un-livable! I keep having this 'popping' sensation in my broken tooth and i feel like my brain is going to explode!! Ive tried so many home remedies to make it stop (since im a poor American who cant afford insurance) and finally my fiance took the cotton off a q-tip and covered it in orajel and stuffed it in the massive hole where my tooth used to be and it works great! It stopped hurting and it keeps food and stuff from getting lodged in there.. idk if its ideal... but it kept me from committing suicide!! Lol

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Did u get tooth replaced?


Most likely not especially since one root canal costs well over 2,000 it's a crying shame,as an American citizen and to no be able to afford dental coverage.


Pickle juice and the garlic helps


I just tried that after having a broken molar for three months and cannot get into the dentist until Friday, and no idea if I can get anything done. This really helped subside the severe pain I was going through. Thank you for sharing!!

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