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I've tried many things from tea tree oil. Milk, and a few other outrageous things. I just got one today I felt the tingle and blisters were already forming , so I tried something a little different this time, obviously my luck all I had was my acyclovir so I took four of those then I ran into the store, I bought rubbing alcohol 91% then I bought this new treatment from orajel they give you two viles per pack, abreva, Vaseline oh I also bought hydrogen peroxide as well with q tips for sanitary reasons. I got home wiped with the alcohol no stinging yet but it was too clean the area before purring the orajel one application on the area. Almost immediately the blisters were gone and went to stage two almost three, also this helped with the pain it numbed the area but you must follow directions to a T. After the completion of the application blisters gone went to the bleeding stage a bit song with the reddish pink stage, I then applied abreva then Vaseline within a few hours I had the scab stage, I'm still taking the acyclovir too by mid way through the night it's at the crust stage so I used the alcohol soak for a few minutes this time it burned which tells me it's p ast the blister stage and its barely weaping so I apply more abreva then Vaseline. Its like I skipped the long lasting stages in matter of hours. Now it's tight feeling and healing with scabbing. Still a bit red but that's part of the cold sore curse. This treatment is by far the best I've used in the years I've suffered and mine happens to always be under my nose, I will stick to this treatment forr now on plus online you can get coupons for the oragel one app and abreva to save money, the alcohol is cheap as well as Vaseline. But I would ask for the oral meds from your dr or a prompt care facility. You won't be disappointed in fact you may find it a time saver as well as relief that's very rapid. I normally don't post any thing but being one that has this dreadful virus I had to share with my fellow sufferers. I wish you all the luck and at least try it If you have same results or not please comment on how it works for you, we must stick together with our findings till the cure comes out!! Thanks for reading but please try this what options do we really have....

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Day two sore is at the pink stage, no caking while putting makeup on , I found my quickest way ever to get through the 14 day cycle. I'm still applying alcohol and the abreva plus Vaseline at night till is completely gone

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