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This will be my second post concerning my home remedy.Thank God I found this site by mistake one day.I am a 69 year old male who has had psoriasis since i was 15 yrs. old.I have been to some of the best doctors in the northeast and have been prescribed every topical cream in the world with some success.After reading several posts on this site i found a common denominator ZINC.and vitamin 'D'. Approx.6 months ago i began to take the following (1) Centrum silver Multivitamin,(2)Omega -3 oil,(1) 1000mg.milk thistle. Now for the Zinc and Vit. D. In the morning I take(3) 50mg zinc picolinate and (2)2000i.u of Vit D and before going to bed at night i take (1)more zinc and (1)Vitamin D. The results have been nothing but a miracle.My skin is clear and my scalp completely clear. This doesn't happen overnight but you will see a big difference after starting.As all posts state everyone is different and this may not work for you but it's worth a try.I hope this very easy regiment of taking vitamins works for all of you.GodBless

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