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I FOUND MY CURE! Last December, I noticed I got a dry patch of skin in my arm that was very itchy and scaly looking. I showed it to my dermatologist and she told me it was mild eczema, that it would most likely clear up once the weather got nicer. So I waited, and waited. Meanwhile school became very stressful and I noticed that my eczema was actually spreading. By January, it had covered my entire thighs and legs, my abdomen and inner arms. My itching was so bad, I had blisters all over my body that would not heal because I would constantly scratch over it. After trying everything from topical steroid creams, changing laundry material, avoiding fragrances, oatmeal baths, trying different soaps and avoiding certain food, by frustration took over. One day I was commenting to my co-worker about my frustration with my eczema and she told me about the 3 day apple diet. You basically eat nothing but apples and drink water for 3 whole days. She said her niece had suffered from eczema and tried this diet, and she was cured. So I went ahead and tried it, by the second day my skin was feeling so much better and on the third my itching was minimal. After doing a little more research I came across a chinese acupuncture clinic that had MANY reviews from previous customers, stating that their eczema was cured after going through the acupuncture treatment. So, I gave it a shot. The Dr. performed the acupuncture on me and rubbed on some ointment on affected areas. After she was done she gave me several herbs and herb tea to take for a certain amount of time. (I do not know what the herbs were, as the names were in chinese) She also gave me a list of food to avoid, which were: No spicy foods, no deep-fried, alcohol, shell fish, beef, pineapple, mango, peach, oranges and no celery. Ever since I left the clinic and took my herbs, and have been staying away from those foods, I have been eczema-free. I am ecstatic that I am cured! I hope this information helps you.

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what type of doc. cured your eczema?

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