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my boyfriend has had a killer toothache for some days now, n he said its the most painful one he's ever had..and after trying all what i knew for treatments,i went online for more home remedy solutions ..and found that a couple drops of {warm olive oil} in the ear on the same side of toothache with a q-tip, instantly stopped his toothache..{herbal/italian olive oil} is suggested..this is the most quickest toothache relief i ever seen take effect so fast n at the same time is also only temporary..especially when there's a exposed nerve..i just read that eating a few pieces of bread will help stop the air from hitting that open nerve and using a denture glue to cover the hole and protect anything from entering is a really good idea that im gona try if he has another more thing i'd like to share with ya'll about really painful toothaches is...dont hold your breath & dont lean forward, kinda like your head between your legs position..DO NOT DO EITHER ONE!!! very frustrating but try to b as calm as possible n breathe in & out your nose only so the air doesn't piss it off again..when you hold your breath or lean your head down wards,what happens? your blood rushes to your head n it goes straight to that weak spot in your mouth causing it to ache n act if ever you wonder why the remedies aren't that's because your're holding your breath n leaning forward causing your blood to rush to soon to fast..
i hope i helped even if for just a minute..
And remember to not b mean but b MEANINGFUL...
dOtZ...wat i'm talking about..meOwmiX'143

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My tooth has been in really bad pain for a few days now and it has moved to my ear it was chipped a few years ago and gets worst exposing nerves i was eating hashbrown when a hard piece hit the nerve causing it to throb my boyfriend and i went to rite aid to get oral gel and i used ut all with in a day and it gets worse. Its 148am and i cant sleep bc it hurts so bad and i cant get it pulled bc i have no money amd no insurance yet. I hope this works.


Walgreens sell filling products until you can reach thr dentist. Good to cover those exposed nerves.


Walgreens sell filling products until you can reach the dentist. Good to cover those exposed nerves.


I normally do not write on these type of things, however I did not have dental insurance for a while and had a cavity that developed into a root canal and I'm assumin is now an abscess. The pain is awful I am not getting much sleep. Nothing seems to be working. Since I do not have a dental appt for a couple days I was desperate to try anything. I dipped my finger in some olive oil (nothing fancy, store brand) and rubbed it in my ear and instantly the pain went away. Thank you so much for sharing!!!


Be careful about putting a filler in there. I read on here to do that, to stop the exposed nerves (bread did wonders). But I was going through a loaf of bread a day. So i decided to go with the filler from walgreens. It worked fine, until the next day when i wokeup with that side of my face nearly 3x's the size of normal and i setup an emergency appointment at the free clinic. When he saw me, and the filler he said basically the abscess had gotten worse, and that by using the filler, it blocked the abscess from being able to drain, thus making it worse.

Just be careful when using a filler, it could be a very bad decision.


I agree with anonymous, be careful with the OTC fillers. I filled in my tooth yesterday and I had to take the filling out (ouch x 100) because I must have an abscess that is draining. Now I'm in worse pain and have swelling. I bought clove extract (85% alcohol) from Whole Foods for 8 bucks and have soaked a cotton ball in it and placed it on the tooth and gum. Then followed it with Oragel severe toothache cream with antiseptic. The pain is much less, not gone, but less. Also, instead of bread, use small pieces of strong sugar free mint or clove gum to protect the nerve from the air. Good luck!!

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