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Juice of two lemons, 1 to 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1to 2 tbsp of olive oil. Drink the concoction and it will help the stone break down.The olive oil helps the stones pass through and not get blocked. Also fill a 2 litre bottle of water and keep drinking through the day. You will feel a bit of pain as the stone comes down and also will be going to the toilet a lot but keep drinking water. It will flush everything out. I drank more of the concoction above during the day when I had that feeling of tightness in my upper side and thinking bits of stones might be trapped. So kept on drinking lots of water and going toilet and by the evening felt better. I was no more going toilet every ten minutes. The next morning, made another concoction in the hope of clearing any leftover particles. So important to watch out and keep away from those high oxalate food... no more cashew nuts for me. Will also be drinking the concoction occasionally to keep my kidneys clear. However, on a daily basis or every other day, I tend to drink lemon juice with honey and water.

I had a 12mm stone years ago. I went to the doctors three times that year, was ignored and told to just drink water. So stone got really big and was in agony. After having a lithotripsy, I was rushed to A&E and had to have a three hour operation to have a stent fitted to remove the stones that got blocked from the lithotripsy. So went through a lot of pain and difficult time and since then I have been very careful what I eat and drink. Lemon has been a great friend to me since. The concoction above is one I found here and has been fantastic. So thank you to everyone for all your help and advice.

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I tried the lemon juice,olive oil and applek ceder viniger. Aftr three dose, one every 4 hours. My husband pain is gone and he passed a small stone and small sand like flakes. ER said he had a 3mm tying to pass.


Ok I am gonna try it. I have to stones that need to pass. June 5, 2014.


I have a 2 mm and a 1 mm I am trying to pass.


Well I
Passed stone number one using this


Ok so i have a 9mm stone at last checked. I was suppose to have surgery this Tue,but the doctor cancelled. Not sure when it will be rescheduled.So i am willing to try this remedy because i just had surgery 2wks ago,and i had 2 lithotripsy 2 yrs ago. So i'm not fond of surgery,plus i'm tire of the pain,i just do't want it to get stuck trying to pass,had that happen before..Wish me luck!!


I am amazed at how well this works! I have perpetual stones and endure the pain unless it becomes completely unbearable. I don't like the pain medications and the procedures are not as beneficial as one would like to think. That said, I grip hard and hold on tight for a quick passing. This one took over a month as when the back pain started. The pain struck hard late yesterday and woke me out of a sound sleep last night in a complete sweat and complete debilitating pain. I passed an average size stone at 2-3am and finally fell back asleep. I woke up sore and like I'd been hut by a freight train with still significant pain. I took one dose and then a second two hours later this evening and I am shocked at the relief. Does none know how often to drink this to maintain pain free?


Where do I find acv


ACV is just Apple Cider Vinegar, which you can find at your local grocery store for less than $2.00 a bottle.


Make sure you get only ACV with the mother in it. Organic and pure. I buy Bragg's.


Thank you God for the Internet and this blog, I woke up with such big pain this morning and immediately grabed for my iPad, searching for help. I already drank mix of (2spoons of each) Apple vinegar+lemon+oil. I'm drinking also 1 liter of water+2spoons of Apple vinegar. I let you know if it works for me.

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