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I've had this toothache for two days, and it sucked. I tried everything! I tried didnt work i kept trying it making my mouth numb except the tooth .-. . I finally read the bottle and it said all the normal stuff like keep away from children, blah, blah stuff like that but then at the bottle of the tube it said in small words 'Do not use continuesly.' I was like damn. then i gave up on that idea. Then i tried putting garlic water in a plastic cup, with salt and warming it up in the microwave. Then i swished it around in my mouth, then spit it out. Then i went to listen music (slow songs) and i just sat back and closed my eyes...and guess what...the pain was gone! But before, the tooth ached, then i realized something... the garlic and salt warmed helped but the songs took away my stress and the tooth felt better. The tooth most likely ached but i realized that my stress made it worse. So, the soothing music and the warm garlic and salt helped quite alot.

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Helped take some of the pain away thank u!


oh thank you. i have a tooth growing and it hurts so much. i dont have and salt but i have garlic salt so when i read this i was like please work please work ad i did thank you so now i can try to sleep


Thank you for the tip!!! It's been two days and I FINALLY have some relief!!!!!


Hey guys thanks so much jho!!!! I've had this toothache for like 2days already n to make it more worse I've been ignoring it n eatn a lot of junk(sweet things) and today it had me but I left it whole day when I went to bed I prayed and I thought ay I'm gonna sleep nyc wemame!!!! There I'm up now as I'm writing this comment at 03:00 now I'm tossing n turning actually crying in my sleep I couldn't resist the pain anymore I've tried a lot of remedies but nothing seemed to work I don't no what made me come on ther internet I thought it weren't gonna work at first but as I'm scrolling down I'm reading all these post n out of all of them I only had tha garlic and salt water and I'm standing and I'm warming it up in the microwave I'm actually jumping and dancing around jho I've never felt so much in my life mahn!!! I tried it and it helped me abit thanks really do appreciate it.


Thank you so much


Thank you,
it was indeed a relief for me

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