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Before you start trying a bunch of home remedies, go see your dermatologist! When I first developed cheilitis, I of course scoured the internet for remedies. Well I thought I had an infection that needed treatment, so I tried the dawn soap, neosporin, antifungal cream, hydrogen peroxide, etc etc etc. Well when it was not getting any better, I went to see my dermatologist. Turns out that while I did have cheilitis, it wasn't from any kind of infection. She said to just use vaseline, and prescribed me some cortizone cream to help with the pain. One day of applying both of those and the sores are halfway gone, and I can finally open my mouth again. Thanks to the internet, I wasted money on creams and irritated my poor chapped skin even more. Lesson learned! Cheilitis isn't ALWAYS from any kind of bacteria or fungus. So, before you start bothering your delicate broken skin, go see a dermatologist and get a proper diagnosis.

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Not everyone has this luxury, which I'm guessing is why there are so many of us here both seeking and advising. Thanks for yours, but until an affordable dermatologist presents themselves to my distress, I'll try the home remedies first (hence this site's name.)


It doesn't seem like your dermatologist gave you any different diagnosis anyway. And if you noticed, many people here went to dermatologist or even a few and were not helped long term anyway.

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