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This gets rid of my Yeast Infections in 2 days.

1.Wash vaginal area and try to get the yeast out (carefully) with your finger.

2. for pain relief: Take hot water with sea salt and if you have a 1/4 tsp of ACV and pour over you vaginal area. I cup it and let it soak in a little. I Also drench my finger in that and put my finger inside to further clean my vaginal canal from yeast. This burns if the YI is severe but after a few minutes the pain and itching is gone!! Best remedy for pain thus far/

3. I make suppositories with Coconut Oil and tea tree oil. I warm coconut oil in a tiny glass jar in warm water so it melts. add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil. (if you've never put tee tree oil up there use 5drops the first time and see how you feel) i carefully swirl the mixture and when it looks evenly blended i put it in the fridge so it hardens again.

4. Then I prep a clove of garlic with thread so that i will be able to pull it out.

5. now i take the coconut/tea tree blend and with a spoon break it up so it is like hard pieces about the size of garlic cloves. I insert that as far in as I can. It feels so soothing b/c it's cool. Now I put the garlic clove in and it almost acts like a plug for the suppository which melts as soon as you put it in.

I do this at night and in the morning. Make sure to wear a panty liner. You will smell like garlic!

I hope this helps someone treat YI naturally!!! I stick by this and once you get the hang it doesn't take much time at all.

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