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hi everyone. I would first like to say that all of your remedies and experiences are absolute testimonies for me! I am 18 years old and since lately, yeast infection has been a consistent problem for me. (PS I'm not sexually active). I've been to doctors who would take one look at my vaj and declare it a YI. the meds would help for a short while but the problem would always return. so I was on pinterest searching for things that came to mind and I stumbled upon home remedies for YI. one common method was GARLIC. I thought it was weird at first but after more reading I decided to hell with it and just tried it. I was surprised that it actually worked, even though I didn't have much doubt. I put a half clove of garlic with a string through it up ma vag and went to bed. I could feel it working! I woke up with a watery liquid that smells like garlic which I read about. but there was no more itching or irritation or redness or soreness. it was great. but that was a few months ago. now I'm back to it and this time, I want to go for 3 days. I hope this offers reassurance to some of u guys!!!

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Hi have you been diagnosed with diebeties? if not you may want to be tested.

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