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To stop Iching,
1 Put the icy part under Extremely Hot Water.
2 For 1 to 2 Sec.
3 It will stun the nerve endings and will stop the itching,
4 the Pain will go away from the hot part in 30sec's and it will feel better for 4-5 hours.
5 a video guide

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Putting hot water on poison ivy will only spread the rash.


No, I've used this and it actually does work! I am an ER doc and got it 3 summers in a row, tried everything, but HOT water, as hot as you can stand for 3-4 minutes, and 100% itch free for hours


I have tried the hot water. It's best if you have a shower with a hose you can then move it all over to select spots, do not do this till u r sure u have washed all the poison Ivy oils off other wise it could spread? Strong soap and rub way beyond the affected area maybe for 2 days then start the hot water treatment it makes going to
bed easy (no itch ) and relief for 4-5 hours .

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