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hey, Ive had cold sores during all my teens and 15 years later still am and i hate it with passion! This thread may not be welcomed here as its not necessarily a home remedy, but it works so well that i really want to share with the rest of you struggling with cold sores!! I have tried all the creams possible and all sorts of home remedies, but i have finally found my miracle treatment!

-Aciclovir 400mg tablets!!!
-Nail polish

At the first sign of tingling start taking two tablets in the morning and two at night (the first day i sometimes add two tablets in the afternoon too). Whenever possible press a q-tip dipped in nail polish on the affected area for 5-20 minutes. The longer the better in my experience. It may sting, but it is so worth it. It will dry out the blister if it has already formed, or if you are lucky enough to discover it before the blister has formed the nail polish prevents it from forming. I usually apply one of those cold sores creams on the area after, but i dont think thats whats effective so thats optional.

In my experience, with the tablets and the nail polish, the cold sore will barely be visible after one day and completely gone within three days. I usually take the tablets for 2-3 days until I see that the cold sore is in the healing stage and pretty much gone.

I strongly recommend stocking up on the tablets as they are the best investment I ever made. I believe you need a prescription for them in most countries, but its so worth it!! :D

I woke up yesterday with the too well-know tingling sensation in my lip, and as Im writing this its barely visible. Still applying a bit of nail polish to be on the safe side, but when I said I couldnt kiss my boyfriend this morning he almost got upset as he said he couldnt not see any sores on my lips at all :) good luck!

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**OOPS of course i meant 'nail polish REMOVER'!! not nail polish! that woulnt be pretty :p

Not Stupid

You must be out your mind if you think somebody go put some nail polish on there lips that is crazy you talking about you can't see the cold sores no more you probably can't see you lip lol

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