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I have dealt with Acid Reflux for years. I have taken numerous prescribed medications. The one I am on now is Omeprazole, which seems to work for the most part. Today I ate blueberries on my cereal, had jello with pineapple in it, and spaghetti for dinner. Tonight I am suffering. I have read all the things everyone has done, and I will try them. It is true, Vinegar neutralizes acid. The Peanut butter generally eat a large spoon full every day just because I like it. I haven't had it in 2 days, and am suffering... now I know. I am glad to learn about the banana, raw almonds which I generally eat some daily but ran out, oatmeal, yogurt, almond milk, spoonful of mustard & honey, apple with meals, peppermint, black licorice, pickle jc, rice water, Humano Growth product. I will start planning my menue and grocery list accordingly. I am concerned about the baking soda tho. Once in a while, I am sure, won't hurt, but, my grandfather did that for many years and the added salt was very detrimental; so I would suggest not doing it on a regular basis... or consult your doctor.
Doctor Oz talked about this today on his show, and he said to stay away or limit acidic foods: berries, citrus, tomatoes, spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine. Well, there you go... it has just limited most of my diet.... ha ha. He also suggested not to eat heavy after 8 p.m. My dad and his dad had acid reflux, so I think I am the 'lucky one' who inherited this from them. I have heard that taking the prescribed medications on a daily basis can also slow down the digestion process. So, thanks all for all your suggestions... I wrote it all down and am going to make sure I keep all these things you mentioned in my pantry.

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Jason Stevesson

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Acid Reflux 4-11-16

Barbara mentioned Dr. Oz on TV. Did you see the several episodes in 2015 and 16 where he recommended DGL? These are Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice root tablets. Hence the name DGL. They are made from licorice root extract that have certain acids removed, that might be associated with high blood pressure and diabetes. To use them, put one or two in your mouth before eating, or when you have reflux problems, and allow them to dissolve in your mouth. When you swallow, Dr Oz said they cause a mucus lining to coat the esophagus and stomach lining. This protects the tissues, and allows healing.

I have been using DGL for a year now. It is mild, not unpleasant, does not taste like licorice candy, and relieves the symptoms. If I get a real bad session, I may grab a calcium antacid for quick relief, but I have not resorted to my prescriptions that have the side effects of weakening bones. I find one of my friends has been taking those for years, and in the past 6 years, he has been in the hospital three times for broken bones. The worst was when he went to have a physical test, they gave him a urine sample bottle, and he could not get the cap off, he walked out of the bathroom to get assistance, slipped on the polished floor, and broke bones in seven places. Last week he went to the local Food Max, lost his balance backwards when he stepped up to the curb, and broke a collarbone. No way am I taking those prescriptions. My activities are too important to me.

My wife has a choking problem when swallowing food. I finally got her to take DGL before eating, and she has had few stuck food problems.

We get our DGL from a local health food shop, The brand is Planetary Herbals. They also have carried Enzymatic Therapy brand. Both work. But larger stores may carry additional brands. And no, we are not associated with the stores, companies, or products in any way.

Jason Stevesson

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