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I am posting this for those who have suffered or are suffering with recurring YI.

After years of taking monistat, canestan, fluconazole etc it was inevitable that an immunity to these medications would develop, and as such I found myself for the past two months suffering from an incredibly persistent YI which no amount of medication could help. I turned to home remedies out of desperation..and incredibly I found myself yeast free in just 4 days. Here is what I did:

-Eliminated all sugar,dairy (except Kefir) and grain from diet
-Garlic pills twice a day to kill bad gut bacteria
-Ingest 2 tblsp of Coconut oil daily, again to kill bacteria
-Eat 1/2 cup kefir every morning to replace good gut bacteria
-Take salt vinegar bath every other day.

It really worked for me, hope it will for you.

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