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I've had herpes for about 2 years now I think. I cried for a week then got over it. My first outbreak was absolute torture. I cried at the thought of having to pee. Luckily my doctor prescribed Zovirax and overnight the blisters were healing. The first year my ob's were quite frequent. At least twice a month but they weren't half as bad as my first ob. Now they come less frequently but I also am figuring out how this thing works. When I take a lot of those gel coated vitamins I get an on. So maybe the gel can trigger them for me. I don't notice any ob's when I eat a lot of chocolate as people mentioned. what I do when I get an get those pains in your legs, inner thighs, sometimes my feet even have them. Its a pain like you just lifted weights the day prior. That's when I prepare. I get my cornstarch, Vitamin E and tea tree oil. I wash my lady parts in the hottest water I can handle, let it air dry and put a little of the Vitamin E and tea tree. Then I throw some cornstarch on top of that and let the area breathe. I just chill in Indian style sitting position with my powdery lady parts and read a book. If I do that twice in a day the blisters are healing by the next morning. It sucks having herpes but if you stress about it they keep coming back. So relax. It's not the end of the world. Life will go on. Good luck!! :)

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Miss Tilly

Try the hydrogen peroxide 6% liquid. Dab it on the sores and they literally heal rapidly. I was losing the will to live and this has made my life bearable!
I'm starting the hydrogen peroxide 35% food standard therapy soon... Google it!!! You'll be blown away by the daft that you can remove the virus and have no outbreaks. The reason it's not talked about is because hydrifen peroxide cannot be patented and therefore, large drug companies cannot make money off it. It would cost drug companies billions!! They use this method in East Asia and South America. It's called oxygen therapy. Aerobic virus' such as herpes cannot breed or survive under high doses of oxygen. It's amazing. I'm starting it in Tuesday and cobseribg a video diary to help other. I was suicidal on Monday and feel like I might have a chance to be herpes free now x

Miss Tilly

Apologies re the spelling... Autocorrect is a pain!

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