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I originally posted this as a comment as I didn't see the submit a remedy link, hence I am reposting.

I had both penile and anal warts, and at first had them burned off by a doctor, but they had returned. I then went on aldera for some months. It slowly got rid of the warts but was becoming very irritating to use with time, and again, they did not permanently go away. I tried a few of the standard home treatments - also with a lot of irritation and no real success. One day I had the idea of googling home remedies for common warts, and found more than one instance of people applying banana peel directly to the wart for up to one hour per day and the warts would completely disappear within 7 to 15 days. I figured it was worth a try and I applied banana peel directly to the warts right after my morning shower daily for 45 minutes to an hour. I began to notice a change to the warts by the next morning, and within 12 days of application all had completely dissapeared and none have come back since! It has now been almost one year. It's best to use yellow bananas on their way to ripening...not green ones. As well, when applying, make sure that the inside of the peel makes contact with the warts. Over and above it's amazing success, the beauty of this treatment is that it is completely natural, only irritates very little if at all, and is cheap as bananas :) Of course I couldn't guarantee the same success, but my research showed that it was 100% successful on common warts. All the best in this to whoever tries it.

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Seriously Happy

WELL! I'm very excited about this! I read through the posts, was going to try the apple cider vinegar, but realized we didn't have it any more. So, I tried this banana peel trick, just last night, and this morning the warts are HALF THE SIZE!!! I kept it on for a lil over an hour. You have no idea how grateful I am! I felt ridiculous trying it, but IT REALLY WORKED! I'm almost in tears! I've been going to the Dr and she's been trying to freeze them off for about half a year, and they're just extremely resistant. I'm going to try the peel again tonight, and hopefully these things will be almost gone! They're not huge, since I have been going to the Dr, but I just couldn't get them to go away. Can't wait to do it again tonight and see the results! Some of the smaller warts even went away completely!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I would huge you if I could! I'll post progress comments for others, too! I think the longer you leave the peel on, the better it works. I might try for longer tonight, even, since it doesn't hurt or anything. Just a little uncomfortable. (Well for where mine are.)


I'm wondering about this peel. Where were your warts located poster above me? I might give the banana peel a try. I have small warts around the head of my penis. I wonder if it'll help make them smaller and hopefully disappear.


Yes, it should work against any skin. I had some on my penis as well, and to treat it I cut a slice off the banana and poked out the centre so it formed a ring that I could wear over the area. I couldn't be active because the peel slips or tears easily. I basically sat back and held it in place. As long as there is good contact with the peel to your skin it should work well. I was amazed at how effective it was. I still check myself regularly and am still free for well over a year now.

When I think of what I went through with other solutions, like many on this site, here is a simple solution that's painless, natural, inexpensive, and works fast.

All the best with that.


One more point I thought I'd mention: personally I would take care not to cover the very tip. I made sure that didn't happen when treating myself because I wasn't comfortable with the idea of anything potentially getting inside and causing irritation or infection.


I've heard use green bananas and to only use ripe bananas? Ideas?


Can I use banana peels inside anus


So much irritated, i got STD, im planning for electrocautery...

Next week... And im using aldara also... Hope this works before that day

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