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I had BV (self diagnosed of course). So I came to this website and got a whole bunch of different ideas and remedies. Here is what I tried and what worked best for me:

Organic probiotics (4/day)
Tampon soaked in tea tree oil/water combo (this step must be before the yogurt, 2 hours) as it helps clean the area and get it ready for the good bacteria
Tampon soaked in organic Stoneyfield plain yogurt (2-4 hours)
Tea tree oil/water spray on outside of vagina after every bathroom trip
Cotton underwear during treatment

After about 2 days of this homemade treatment I couldn't believe how fresh I smelled. Even at the end of the day after working out and sweating. I hadn't realized how long I had been suffering from BV until it was gone!!!!!! No more fishy smell!!

Whenever I start to smell even if just a little bit I do this treatment and it works every time. I notice it mostly after my period every month.

I'm currently starting the process again just to make sure I'm fresh!! I stopped taking the probiotics about 2 weeks after the BV cleared up. This time I'm just going to keep taking them on a daily basis.

Hope this works as well for you as it did for me!! I'm so incredibly impressed by how fresh I am it still surprises me!!

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Exactly how long did you do this treatment was it only 2days or longer?


Are you taking 4 probiotics per day? Or do you do this remedy 4 times per day?


Yes this works!
I take two acidophilus and two garlic tablet orally per day. Usually one in the morning and one mid day. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. I use my finger and dip it in coconut oil and insert in in my vagina to coat. Then take you finger and dip in tea tree oil and insert in vagina to coat it. I have been trying to incorporate yogurt but I'm not a big yogurt fan so I eat it here and there. My vagina is now fresh and clean. Do this whenever you feel unclean or smell. Good luck ladies!

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