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I have a broken molar and was in excruciating pain and couldn't even sleep. I tried the rubbing alcohol, a hot shower, a heating pad, Motrin, actual alcohol, Orajel, Cannabis and warm salt water. The only thing that worked was the warm salt water. Did this twice for almost a minute each time and I was able to sleep all night. It took a couple minutes but for sure worked.

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yea cannibis doesnt help my pain either.. but it always helps to be high lol


I hope it works bout to try it


weed will make the pain more intense never smoke weed when you have a toothache lol ive done it many times n wanted to cry a few mins later never failed lol i just had a really bad toothache ive had it for a couple days now ive been using toothpaste rubbing alcohol and percocet for it and it helped somewhat very little really i tried the warm salt water thing a few mins ago and so far its working the best


must I rinse my mouth with the salt warm water ?

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