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Much to my surprise, this REALLY WORKS! I had a floppy skin tag on my neck right where it would get rubbed and irritated by shirt collars & I was concerned about it getting larger and possibly infected. I'd searched several homeopathic websites looking for a natural removal. They all seemed to recommend an application of apple cider vinegar and I thought I'd try it before spending money for a dermatologist to remove it. On Saturday night I used approx. 1/3 of a cotton ball wetted with apple cider vinegar, placed it on the skin tag and covered it with a large band-aid. Sunday morning I removed the bandage & noticed the tag was smaller, rounder and darker. During the day I covered the tag with a small band-aid to prevent further rubbing & irritation. I applied the same treatment Sunday night & Monday during the day. Monday evening just before bed I noticed that the area was somewhat itchy and looked in the mirror and the skin tag was GONE! I think the itchiness was caused by the band-aid adhesive since I have had that same problem before with all types of band-aids. I'd recommend trying this treatment.

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