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ok so first things first. DO NOT EVER USE MONISTAT. i tried using monistat 3day (im 16 sexually active but not how i got the YI) it burned to the point where i have rubbed my vagina raw. ouch. anyways, my remedy is simple.
1. take a luke warm (on the cold side) rag and lightly dab the YI. or sit in a luke warm bath
2. push out and in with your vagina (not too hard but enough so you can feel it) lightly dab the yeast off
3. dry off but DO NOT rub or scratch the vagina.
4. next you want some fine chopped garlic, a tiny bit of apple cider or cider vinegar (less than a tea spoon) some antiseptic tea tree oil, destine and some plain yougurt.
5. mix this all up well you should get a cream looking appearance. dab CLEAN fingers, cotton swabs or cotton balls in it and lightly pat and dab inside the vagina opening and lips. repeat this for a few days.

it will keep itching away, and help you heal! it took 4 days for me. i tried many things and found out the odder it was the more it worked.
CAUTIONS: chop garlic as fine as you can. GARLIC BURNS LIKE **** but it is worth it. wear pads or panty liners and DO NOT TAKE HOT BATHS. yeast is almost the same as cooking yeast. thus reacts to heat.

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How long should I keep the 'cream' on for before I wash it out?


Would garlic powder or garlic in a jar work I had an Allergic reaction to some laundry soap this was about 2 months ago and I am still suffering from extreme itching I have tried all kinds of stuff from hand sanitizer to salt I've even tried campho phenique I have scratched myself raw doing this I am at my wits end hopefully this will help

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