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If you have a throbbing tooth ache, try this. get a bowl of water big enough for your hand, and fill it half with water and 2 handfulls of ice. Place the hand from the opposite side of the body from where the tooth is located, into the ice water. In other words, if the tooth pain is on your left side place your right hand in the ice water. With the other hand, gently massage the V-shaped area between the thumb and index finger while the hand is under water. sounds strange. It works. I had an abscessed tooth that had to get a root canal. It happened over the weekend. When My hand hit the ice water the throbbing stopped instantly.

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My husband was the one with the toothache which made my head ache (LOL) but it really worked. He was a skeptic but it helped and he is now fast asleep. Thank you very much.

P.S. This works because of the pressure point in the hand.


I think it depends on your particular tolerance for pain. I couldnt stand it any more so I tried this. It brought it back down to a resonable level. from a 1210 to about a 310 which im my mind is fantastic


The toothache on my left side got a little better, but now the arthritis in my right hand is killing me. Maybe my had is now hurting more than my tooth and it only seems to be better.


havent tryed it yet need to freeze sum water first but why not just drink as much vodka u can handle-the pain will go away n ull easily get to sleep lol shame i cant tho cus of taken pills. but i defo gonna giv this ago tho so thanks ill let you no if it worked hopefully it will jus need faith in it.if u believe itll work then it most likely will but if u fink naa this is crap look ill prove it then obv it wont work cus u still focusing on ur tooth rambling on ent tlked all day cus in pain so it easy to type so gettin carried away lol neway thanks rofl ill go n stop hogging up the screen :P


ok i have to admit i felt like a moron doing this but i have tried everything. i have no insurance so i figured what the heck.. it does work! Cold hand but it works. I'm an EMT and i understand what you were talking about the nerve endings... jeeze i should have used my brain and figured this one out days ago and saved some pain! Thanks!

DeathByIceWater Instant Relief

I also tried fully submurging my head in a bowl of salty ice water and breathing rapidly.

Lee from NC

You have got 2 be kidding me? Well I laid her in my bed in so much pain it was unreal. I asked my husband 2 get me a bowl of icewater. He looked @ me strange but was willing 2 do anything 2 ease my pain. The second my fingers touched the icewater the agonizing pain disappeared. No joke. My husband thought I was crazy until he saw the look of pain wiped away from my face. I couldn't believe it. Thank you so so so much. You helped me more than u could ever realize.


YES !!!!!!

I stopped reading and did it immediatly.....thanks a million!!


It's bullshit it dose not work

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