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If you have a throbbing tooth ache, try this. get a bowl of water big enough for your hand, and fill it half with water and 2 handfulls of ice. Place the hand from the opposite side of the body from where the tooth is located, into the ice water. In other words, if the tooth pain is on your left side place your right hand in the ice water. With the other hand, gently massage the V-shaped area between the thumb and index finger while the hand is under water. sounds strange. It works. I had an abscessed tooth that had to get a root canal. It happened over the weekend. When My hand hit the ice water the throbbing stopped instantly.

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I really need to change my last post--The ice water did work--amazingly enough about 10 minuets after I posted that it did not work the pain promptly started to go away and by the time I left my apartment to go to work I was almost pain free--I could not believe it--So I had a dentist appointment today to have a root canal done and the dentist was running late and I was snoozing away in the lobby completely pain free and it had to be from the ice water treatment because I had taken nothing else--So I finally get into the dentist chair and it took almost an hour for him to get me numb enough to do the root canal --that's how bad the infection was--so 3 hours later I walk out numb to the max and around 7:30 that night the Novocain wears off and holy shit I am in pain so I take 3 Tylenol codeine and nothing really it still hurts--SSSOOOO out comes the iced water and opposite side with the message and I couldn’t believe it--major pain reduction--sweeet--I love this remedy


Wow- this worked perfectly. Thank you!


Fantastic! I broke a tooth a while ago. I did not do anything about it because it did not hurt. And the night before my first day back to clases the pain has started. The ice water helps so much, actually if you stick your hand in the snow that does the trick too! (-: Thank you ussually online remedies are a toss up.


omg!waw...i actually called my boss laughing at this home remedy and reading it out for her,and i was like ha ha im gonna try it just for kicks.and waw!it brought INSTANT RELIEF!thats crazy!im still going to the dentist cuz my gum is swollen and somethings obviously wrong but at least no unbearable pain!THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Melissa Obert

Hmmm, thanks for nothing oh no thanks for more pain.. That SUCKED!! I felt pain all the way up to my elbow!! Now my left hand is froze and hurting and my tooth hurts!! Thanks


This excellent ive just got my friend to do this as she has been sufferering from bad toothache, and the pain has gone. good advice thanks


This works. Thanks a million. My husband had a tooth ache and I followed your instructions and within 3 minutes his tooth ache pain went away. Thanks again. Life saver!


DO THIS IMMEDIATELY IT WORKS!I have a filling come out and now only half the tooth is left and it became infected badly and I have to wait a couple days for the dentist. I've tried everything from alcohol to clove oil to aspirin, ibuprofen and narcotic pain killers and nothing worked that well but this ice water trick absolutely did work albeit it has to be done frequently, but within ten seconds of my hand being in the water it takes the pain away, thanks!

Angela Gates

OMG Thank you so Much, My husband has been hurting non stop for 14 hours and he did what you said and OH MY GOODNESS I couldn't beleive it when he told me the pain stopped instantly. THANK YOU


I'm glad this site is still available, although no one has commented in awhile... My sister has been having an off and on throbbing toothache, she has no insurance right now so we have been trying everything. I decided to come online and see what I could find. I read this remedy, and immediately had her try it. She said when she put her hand in the water it throbbed for a few seconds, then GONE! She was having some traveling pain in her bottom gum, that was gone too!! She went from crying, to talking and smiling within 2 mins... I am sure it will come back, but this is an awesome quick fix for the time being.

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