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If you have a throbbing tooth ache, try this. get a bowl of water big enough for your hand, and fill it half with water and 2 handfulls of ice. Place the hand from the opposite side of the body from where the tooth is located, into the ice water. In other words, if the tooth pain is on your left side place your right hand in the ice water. With the other hand, gently massage the V-shaped area between the thumb and index finger while the hand is under water. sounds strange. It works. I had an abscessed tooth that had to get a root canal. It happened over the weekend. When My hand hit the ice water the throbbing stopped instantly.

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WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT. I TRIED THIS AND NOW BOTH MY HAND AND MY TOOTH HURT! i also swished salt water around in my mouth and got 3 minutes of pain relief. not enough to help me get to sleep tonight. my dentis appointment is tomorrow. he's been on vacation for a week and i've been suffering since the day he left. NOTHING WORKS. THE PAIN IS INTENSE. I'D RATHER HAVE NO TEETH THAN EVER FEEL THIS KIND OF MOUTH PAIN AGAIN. BLEH.


yes it temporarly removed some of the pain.... not enough to lay down to sleep... but alittle relief was worth it....


dude, i just tried this like 5 mins ago. IT WORKS!!?!?!?!?!!!? HOW!!! it got rid of the throbbing. There is still some pain but it is less than before. MY hand is really cold. how long do i leave it in for?

Ima Believer

Worked for us! My dad was in a lot of pain and his dentist will be out for the next couple of days. The root canal he had done a couple of days ago obviously didn't work. So, until the dentist is available again he will be using this to handle his pain. When I told him about this we were both skeptical, but I'll never forget his expression when it actually worked! He is actually able to sleep for the first time in the last couple of days. He was living on Advil, but it wasn't working. I'm so happy, and needless to say so is he! Thanks!


Stramge but true. I had a deadline to meet and the toothache wasn't helping. Was doubtful at first, but it worked.




Worked for our 17 year old son who had a tooth pulled which had been treated for an infection and was experiencing the after-effect pain. Both our eyes opened wide in shock when he put his hand in the cold water and within 2 minutes the pain was gone. He looked at me and said, Daddy the pain is gone for real. We had previously tried pain killers (prescribed and over-the-counter, anbesol but nothing worked like the ice-cold water. Thanks Thanks Thanks.

Cori :)

I just tried this and it worked see i just got my braces titened and they hurt really bad but once you stick your hand in the cold water u forget about the pain in your mouth and it really works im so glad i came to this site!!!

Duck Duck Frog

Did Not Work :( I think this works only when it is not a absece or in need of a root cannel Which is what I know I need sad to say and that is really sad I guess I have to grin and bear it untill I can get a hold of the dentist.


My tooth was aching really bad for 2 days. I popped tylenol and tried other things because I could not get to the dentist. Nothing worked. I tried the water and ice and instantly the pain began to go away. thanks

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