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If you have a throbbing tooth ache, try this. get a bowl of water big enough for your hand, and fill it half with water and 2 handfulls of ice. Place the hand from the opposite side of the body from where the tooth is located, into the ice water. In other words, if the tooth pain is on your left side place your right hand in the ice water. With the other hand, gently massage the V-shaped area between the thumb and index finger while the hand is under water. sounds strange. It works. I had an abscessed tooth that had to get a root canal. It happened over the weekend. When My hand hit the ice water the throbbing stopped instantly.

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You are right. My mom (I'm 12) had a horrible toothache. I came on here and found this one. It works wonders. Wihing 5 minuts she wen from unable to talk to completely relaxed and asleep.


This worked great. My fiancee had a broken tooth that he was getting out the next day, and the pain went away once he put his hand in the water. Thanks a million.

penny from illinois

well it worked as crazy as it seems i have been suffering for 3 days on antibiotics and tylenol and i stuck my hand in ice water and relieved the pain unbelievable thanks for the home remedy

Janaloka - India

I am a skeptic.
But this therapy works quite well.
Thank you.
But could anyone explain scientifically how it works ?


This remedy works due to reflexology. All the nerve endings in our bodies end in our feet and hands. The secret is understanding where each nerve ending is for each area of the body and knowing how to administer the proper massage therapy.


I had the worst tooth ache; I ever had in my life. I was up in terrible pain! I did not know what to do! I went on the internet to see if there was anything that I could do! I stumbled on to this site I saw this article and said to myself that this is crazy enough to work, so therefore I ran into the kitchen and grab a bowl of ice water with the ice cubes placed inside. I immediately put my hand in the bowl and to my amazement it after about five minutes the pain stopped! I would recommend this to anyone! So if your in pain give this a try!


It does work!!! just stop reading now and go try it. You will be glad that you did!!


YES, THANK YOU!!!! It helped me through the Xmas weekend and still do, I still have no chance to see the dentist til tomorrow (even still not sure I have the emergency appointment in..), though, everytime I have throbbing sharp pain to attack me, I use this method to calm down the pain and it actually WORKS!!!!

Surprisingly it does! I did not believe it, though if I am pain, I would do almost anything to stop this, especially the toothache!!

Once I put my hand into the ice cold water, the pain disappeared!! The throbbing was still there, but there was NO PAIN with the throbbing.


When you are in pain, agonized by it, stop reading and do it!! It will help you! Keep repeat this when the pain comes back..

Yes, the hands get very cold, but its worth do this!!!

Thank you again! :)


My husband was up all night in pain. This morning I searched Yahoo for home remedies because we are on vacation. THANKS Chris. It worked. My husband was surprised...he asked if it was accupuncture. Thanks again!


Well I tried the mint tea, I tried the alcohol in the Tequilla and now I have treid the ice water and massage.....I really wish I could say it worked......I guess I call the doctor.

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