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I'm a 26 year old male. I just recently had my second encounter of the year with an external hemorrhoid. I'm not sure if the ailment stems from my lifestyle (I smoke and drink frequently - eat A LOT of spicy food - probably should drink more water than I do) or from specific circumstances (the last hemorrhoid appeared after a stressful day in extreme heat while I was on my feet all day) or from hereditary reasons (the males in my family have had hemorrhoid problems before). Regardless, I'm here to focus on the solution, not the cause!

My first flare up happened about two months ago and lasted for just under a week. I did little to treat it outside of easing off of booze, wiping with wet towels, and readjusting my diet. This last flareup began two days ago, and really came to a, excruciatingly painful peak yesterday.

I stumbled across this site last night after waking up in extreme pain. Unable to find any sort of comfort, I tossed and turned in bed while the hemorrhoid felt as though it was throbbing and sending pulsating waves of pain throughout my entire body. Those who have never been inflicted with a hemorrhoid will have a hard time understanding the sharp, unrelenting pain.

I automatically took to the internet and found this site and all of its post to be the most useful and informative. After reading through most of the post on here (as well as a handful of other secondary websites and articles) I found that Vic's Vapor Rub and garlic seemed to be the most effective solution to combating the pain of a hemorrhoids.

I left my apartment at 4:30am, having a difficult time walking and getting into my car due to the pain. I drove to a 24 hour grocery store in my area and picked up Vic's Vapor Rub and minced garlic. Upon returning home, I applied the Vapor Rub to a cotton ball and inserted it the cotton ball onto the hemorrhoid. Instantly, I felt a burning pain that lasted about 5 minutes, followed by an icy, menthol like feeling that lasted for about a half hour. It helped out enough to get me back to bed.

When I woke up this morning I removed the cotton ball. The hemorrhoid was still present and sore, but not anywhere close to the stinging pain that had almost brought me to tears yesterday.

This afternoon I reapplied the Vic Vapor Rub, but this time I dipped the cotton ball into the minced garlic, soaking up the juices. I applied that and felt yet another burning sensation and jolt of pain, followed by a slow burn that lasted for about half an hour.

The Vapor Rub and minced garlic solution - both separately and combined - is painful. However, it is not anywhere close to the pain of a volatile hemorrhoid. Depending on how intense your conditions are, it is worth doing. If you can make it through the half hour of discomfort and pain - and the grossness of doing things like putting minced garlic and Vapor Rub up your ass - you will find comfort slowly returning, and the hemorrhoid will decrease in both size and pain.

Because this site helped me, I felt like I should pay it forward and post my own story in the hopes that someone else who is suffering will find it useful. Never thought I would be posting about hemorrhoids and sticking minced garlic cotton balls up my ass, but here I am!

I'm currently on Day 2, so I will continue to post and keep you up to date on the progress. Best of luck...

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Thank you for this I have been in so much pain for 3 weeks now. I just soaked a cotton ball in the minced garlic, added the vicks and boy oh boy is my butt cool :)


Thank you, I am on day 2 and think I'm dying, the pressure is very intense. I am going to take an ibuprofen and try what you suggested.


Hi.Thank you so very much for sharing this. It is absolutely amazing. WOW!! I just had a baby, now I have external piles, which were so swollen and painful, I could barely walk. I got all different creams from the chemist, even suppositories, it never helped. In pain and desperate I came across your post. Thank God!! I tried viks with tge garlic. Its not at all painful, slight burning sensation which dissapears almost immediately. The pain and discomfort isn't completely gone, but I can walk easily now. This is truelly amazing, thank you again :-)


Wow, thanks for the info, can relate to it entirely as I'm trying to find a comfy position lying down! Will give it a go as none of my normal creams are helping with this one.
Thank you!


It only gets worse with age. My advise is don't )smoke,drink plenty of water not Sodas, eat at least a high fiber cereal for breakfast. By the way this is what I reccommend, not what this idio does. Going through it again, the external ones. Good Luck and Great Health to You.


Try not to write things in such a funny way on this subject. My butt hurts and you made me laugh which made it hurt worse. Lol

Little Bit

@Nonymous: My thoughts exactly. These remedies have me laughing (not the remedies themselves, but the writing styles) and my bottom is already sore - not a good mix! I have to try to laugh in my gut and not from down there. This sucks, lol.

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