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I have suffered from BV for years. Can't count how many times I have taken antibiotics only to have it come back. I have also tried yogurt, hydrogen peroxide and everything I have seen on this sight including tea tree oil which only got rid of the odor and after 2 or 3 days it was back. The only thing I've tried with any success is boric acid. I ordered if from Amazon and inserted it twice a day for a week and have had no problems.

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How much boric acid? Is it a pill form?


No it come in powder form and you have to fill the capsules. Do a search on Amazon.


So you ingest boric acid in a capsule form? I have this at home which I use to clean hairspray off my bathroom floors. Works better than vinegar. Same stuff??

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I have boric acid at home. Is it the one for bugs? An is it safe to use down there?@


No, you don't ingest it. It's inserted into the vagina and its the same as the bug killer. I was very apprehensive at first but researched it and decided to try it, It works wonders.


If you have a compounding pharmacy in your area they will make boric acid suppositories for you there. You don't need a script and they are cheap.
The pharmacist said to avoid sugar, take a probiotic, take vitamin D daily and see if my husband not ejaculating inside me helps as it semen has a higher ph level than a woman's vagina. So far so good!

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