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murky of taiwan

I been suffering vertigo since 2012,at first i just thought my dizziness caused by lack of sleep since my i am a caregiver.. and i also had history of severe migrane headache since teen age. but recently i had 2 attacks of dizziness and thee latest one just last month that scares me to death.. i almost passed out.. i cant open my eyes with lights on, weakness and vomiting and the whole thing around me was spinning....
I went to clinic fearing i had hypertention attack.... the 1st doctor attended me diagnosed me of vertifo due to some ear infection... but back of my mind its not... but still i took the 1st medication but that caused me more uncomfortable...and heart palpitation,i stopped the medication and the next morning i visit new doctor and this time i feel relief..he considered my vertigo is caused from lack of sleep,over fatigue/stressed. He prescribed me a cephadol, sulnine and sebilium for my migrane.. now getting better. thanks to my doctor...and been advice to stop drinking coffee and tea, chocolate and any sweets foods. and get enough sleep.

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Lay on ur back..sit up real fast...wait for room to.stop spinning. And.repeat as many times as you can. Morning and nite also lay on bed and hang.your.head off.the side where u are upside down. It worked for me!

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