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I am 25 and this is my first YI. At first I was just itchy and thought I had cut myself shaving. It is now 3 days later and itchy OMG!! Sooo I thought id do some research. I have looked thru many many symptoms and found that a YI is the only one that fits me, tho ive not had any discharge (that I know of, I am also on my period). I have been taking anti-biotics which explains why I now have a YI, and guess what sugar feeds it!! who would have thought and the only thing I drink is mt. dew. so with a little research I found this site and I must say thank you thank you thank you. I don't have most of what was listed so heres what I did....

I took a wet cotton ball, dipped it in garlic salt and inserted into the vagina. then I took another cotton ball, soaked it in peroxide and whipped down the outer area. YES the garlic salt burns like a b***h for about 10 mins, BUT I am now pain free, itch free and ready for some much needed if the swelling would only go away...

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I am so glad you wrote this. I tries it and it worked. It burnt really bad but I feel a definate relief


I'm in the same boat! I'm 41 years old and never had a YI and I've been on antibiotics in my lifetime of course, but I was atta ked by a stray cat and have been prescribed 2 powerful antibiotics and omg I was itching like crazy, and 2 days later I got a script from my Dr that was just 1 pill that was Supposed to feel a little better within 24 hrs and it's not at all better! I also have no discharge at all but I have severe itching, swelling and burning! Thanks for the tip I also don't have a lot of those other ingredients for home remedy cures laying around my house but I do have the ones you had mentioned. I will try your help suggestion immediately! Thank you again!


How long did you let the garlic salt stay down there ?

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