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I have been dealing with toothache pain in my lower left side, with a molar that has broken in half exposing my gums and nerves. Now, obviously the dentist is the way to go, just get it pulled. But funds are always limited.
Now there is no way of actually healing it but to dull the pain so you are comfortable is pretty easy.
1. Wash area(s) with warm salt water, add more salt if you don't get your desired dullness.
2. Mouth wash, vanilla extract and warm water. Rinse mouth. Use more vanilla than wash.
3. Cold or hot compress. I usually use hot. I use I rice pad, which you can make out of a sock. Put rice in sock and make sure to tie it off so it can't get out. Microwave sock for 30 or more if you want it hotter. The warmth lasts longer than a warm wet cloth and you can use it on ANY hurting body part.
4. Oil pulling. Olive, coconut or clove oil. Just swish around in mouth and spit.

Most of these only last a couple hours depending on your intensity. But it will help you to be more functional.

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