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Sienna Shields

So I have a cold and a really bad stuffy nose. I am using 1000 tissues a day and inhaling steam and slathering myself in vaporub, but everything just provides temporary relief and after a minute my nose will clog up again.
So I tried doing these excersizes and they helped a lot. First is holding your nose and walking around for as long as you can, then breathing only through your nose as slowly as possible.
Jumping uo and down helps a lot too

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thank you!! jumping up and down helped the best! can't believe i've gone all this time without knowing about this trick

Happy Person

How does this work? It seems like the stupidest thing, and I had the exact same problem, and boom! I can breath through my nose again


I AM SHOCKED! This sounded the stupidest thing ever, almost laughable! I tried it, & just like the 1st persons comment, the jumping up & down worked! Thank u so much!!! Wondering how long it will keep my nose unclogged?


This works 90\\% of the time. It's my go to remedy. I found a doctor who taught this (eastern medicine) on YouTube. The guy looked and talked like Borat, but the guy was legit with his explanation of breathing exercises. If you cant hold your nose, breathe out all excess air and pause long,just work up to it. At the very least, one side of your nose will become opened. This works especially well for those times when you wake up starving for air and can't fall back asleep because it's too difficult to breathe.

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