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use organic virgin(unrefined)cold pressed coconut oil for eczema! i had an outburst that came from washing my hands too much while having ringworm that my hands became super dry. a red flaky hideous patch grew on the top of my hand and spread to inbetween and on my fingers on both hands! it was hell. i was ashamed of my hands and refrained from wearing jewelery for about 6 months :( i tried vaseline with limited results, olive oil, eucerin. nothing really worked until i started using coconut oil! because i was tired of suffering i was hoping the coconut oil would cure my hands fast but it actually took about 1 and a half weeks to see supppper results! its completely moisturizing,and your hands will thank you! trusst me, try coconut oil, its all around good for your skin. help yourself and youll be happy you did! look it up, coconut oil has many uses and its completely natural and good for you!

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But coconut oil smells bad. I am still in school and I don't want my friends thinking that I smell bad.

Honolulu Aunty

I have found that cold pressed coconut oil on my skin helps with any condition. The smell is strong, but growing up in Hawaii, we used to use a suntan lotion that used coconut oil as its base, so I actually thing it smells wonderful.

It is also an excellent oil for high quality fat diets. It is anti-bacterial, inside and out!

Bill from the Philippines

You're right about coconut oil for skin. It's good for dry hair also. It should be the only cooking oil in your home. It does get hard at about 75 deg F. though and for that reason, salad oils should be partially or totally olive oil. The coconut oil taken internally, will also make your cholesterol balance and total perfect if you watch labels on all prepared products and stay away from the ones with transfatty acids from hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenation does not create transfatty acids in coconut oil

Bill from the Philippines

I will amend somewhat the comment i mada a few moments ago because I just read that some people think coconut oil smalls bad. They probably got a low grade of virgen coconut oil, it done properly it will smell good. However, you get the same great results with cooking grade coconut oil, it's refined and generally has no smell, also it's much cheaper.


Get the virgin kind of coconut oil and it smells and tastes like coconut-which a lot of people like. Go to your Wholefoods, or local Co Op and they will have what you need.

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