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I have been taking 'Probiotic Multi-Enzymes, Digestive Formula with active acidophilus cultures' from Wal-Mart for about a month. I have been taking them with each meal (when I remembered) when I found out I had acid reflux instead of ulcers. I also take at the same time 'Natural Spirulina with blue green algae,' also from Wal-Mart. I usually go to health food stores, but it was convenient at the time plus cheap.

I noticed recently, the odor is not unpleasant and my discharge has thinned considerably to my delight. I got the thick white discharge from taking vaginal estrogen cream only twice two years ago. I probably got the BV from urine leakage. I did take oral prescription from GYN, but the BV reoccurred.

I am looking forward to more progress. It's slow, but hey, we all need enzymes for digestion anyway after being in the 30's. I have always used Summer Eve's sensitive (unscented) feminine I don't understand why people don't recommend it.

BTW, for those who have problems with semen, you just might be allergic to your partner's semen. Sorry don't have the article as I read about it years ago.

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Live wire

The reason why your having bacteria is the summers eve feminine wash. I was told by my gynecologist all those feminine washes are no good they cause problems within the vagina. I bought them and the BV STAYED. My gyno said to use dove sensitive soap cause all your doing is wasting money. Even for those that say odor control they don't control odors , they cause odors.

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