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So after suffering with BV for about 6 years I finally found this post that could possibly help me with a home remedy because obviously the doctors were not helping. After reading a few different blogs I decided to go with a probiotic with cranberry, odorless garlic, and a woman's multivitamins. I got all 3 of them for 12$ and some change, in California. I started off my morning taking 2 of the garlic capsules, 2 probiotic plus cranberry capsules, and then the multi vitamin. I took those with water because I had also read something about drinking my water. Throughout the day I drink 6 cups of water. I started this regimen at about 830 this morning and it is 10 in the night and I haven't noticed much of anything negative going on. It could be chance or luck but hopefully this is working for me. I was hesitant on shoving anything up me. I will post tomorrow night and see how things go. The one thing i did notice was the the garlic pills made me burp for a few hours after and i could taste it a little bit, nothing too wild and the burps are worth a clean feeling and fresh vag!!

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So I said that I will be back on the following night to weigh in on how things went. So here I am to let everybody know that as of 11 o'clock tonight I am still symptom free. By the way, I got all three of the drugs from Walmart. So today I repeated the same regimen of 2 garlic pills, 2 probiotic pills, the women's multivitamin, and plenty of water. Normally by noon I would have had to change my panty liner because I could smell myself but I was able to go all day without changing it. Please if you ladies have any questions don't hesitate to ask I know how annoying and uncomfortable this can be. Every once in awhile I'll check in to see if there's any questions. Good luck!


Ima try your remedy and hope it works for me . I started having symptoms like two months ago and it's embarrassing . I don't want my bf to try have sex with me bc of it . It's embarrassing . I hope this works for me


What strength are your probiotic pills? I'm currently taking 1 pill which contains 15-million go good bacteria. I don't know if it would be safe to take 2 pills

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