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what a journey...had an appointment to go and have skin tag removed from my fudge tunnel, from passed bad experience with hemorrhoids operation (6 month recovery and working)so i didn't wanna go through the same episode, so on the 6th of march i decided to try the tying game with dental floss. 1st day not bad 2nd day OMG regrets regrets it ballooned to 5 times the size, keep in mind i'm in facilities management loads of walking bending and to had the cherry on top i cycle to work and back...i cried with pain on my way to work,on two occasions i had to call a taxi...and got my wife to pick me up...on the 4th day i tied it again but with a rubber on top of the floss(PAIN WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD) ,next day it turned darker but as i walk alot the bubble burst lucky i used the wife's pads everyday, also every morning i would wrap the bubble with cotton wool with peroxide then i would tape it somehow...keep in mind ibuprofen 400gx2 (double dose) also tried mercury chrome it helps dry the area...also used hair dryer at times...then it started smelling as decomposing dead body then i got really worried i would wash it up to 5 x a day with peroxide at work.. then i would wrap it up allover again...fudging is another issue very painful to wipe, then you got to wash AGAIN...HYGIENE IS IMPERATIVE AT ALL TIMES...then i started using a cream called sudocrem normally used for babies bums..then results. today morning busy with my daily fudge tunnel routine i noticed there was only a little thin skin holding all the strings, i twisted it and VOILA!!!! IT CAME OFF. i'm so happy it's over i got another one but does't really get on my way, maybe will do it when this experience is wiped off my memory.
advise, take a week off stay home,get all the medicine you think you might need...keep in mind you need BALLS OF STEEL..but then again i'm very active hence the painful experience. i have read that some people were ok with it. also i think it depends on the size of the skin tag...anyway good luck and after you've done it and you feel it's not really going well and you're worried go to the emergencies don't be embarrassed they get people like us all the time...YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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