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Okay I just had to post in here because I am very happy with my results. 10 years ago I was diagnosed and went to the doctors where they tried all kinds of treatments and none of them worked and they were painful. I then went to a specialist who focused on cancer in the anal area and he removed them and for 10 years they were gone. Now 10 years later (maybe from stress or lack of sleep, who knows) but one came back and I was devastated. I didn't want to do the doctor thing again because that took 2 years. I decided to try the apple cider vinegar and I applied it to a little piece of cotton and left it there for two hours. At first, I felt no pain however the next day, I finally understood why people say ACV is painful. It basically burns your skin. I wasn't as aggressive as most people because I only applied for two hours every third day but after five treatments, the wart is gone. No signs of it anywhere. Also I had one on my finger at the same time which I have been applying an over the counter acid to (formula w) and after two weeks I have seen no improvement. Let's hope these stay away forever or at least another ten years. Oh I forgot to mention that on my days I wasn't using ACV and at night I applied neosporin which was soothing. Hopefully it also helps from acquiring any scarring from the ACV

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Timmy trumpet

I used a cream called dermaid and mixed it with ACV to make a gel like substance, then applied it to the effected areas. It seems to have working very well at this stage.


Does it really cure hpv?! I'm so scared :(

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